LAN/WAN Networking

SIA has extensive experience installing and maintaining both small and enterprise level LANs and WANs. From five node peer-to-peer networks to global WANs, we understand that the initial planning and design work is the most important phase of the network implementation.

Corporate LANs and WANs
The current trend toward convergence of data, voice, fax and video over IP lines is but one example of why networks should be highly reliable, scalable and available. When you add provisions for network security and user authentication, it is apparent that even simple network deployments benefit from thorough preparation and planning.

SIA supports Windows server 2008/2012, Linux, and various types of UNIX networks. IBM AS400 support is also available now to our clients.

Clients are afforded flexibility with SIA’s networking services. Some of our clients choose to outsource all network implementation and maintenance tasks to SIA. Others prefer to have their in-house IT staff do primary maintenance, using SIA to support the staff and work on specific projects and implementation initiatives.

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