Voice over IP

VOIP Solutions
With our telecom partners, SIA can help your organization install and maintain telephone switches/PBX’s, T-1 or T-3 lines, and Voice over IP(VOIP) products.

As part of our Site Survey, our engineers will review your current telephony systems and costs. Often, multiple phone lines can be replaced with one or more T-1 lines resulting in substantial savings. If your organization has not thoroughly reviewed your phone bills in the last two years, you are paying too much for your voice lines!

Sia has also installed VoIP systems to help clients save money on toll, interstate and international calls. VoIP solutions range from simple branch office “IP Extenders” to enterprise wide installations. Depending on the scope of the project, SIA uses products from several of our partners including NEC, Avaya, and Cisco. Running voice traffic off the internet can slash total telecom spending by up to 80%. The savings from the “Toll Bypass” are especially great when connecting to overseas facilities. Further savings arise from the elimination of separate networks for voice data and the consolidation of separate computer and telephone departments.

VoIP is an example of that current buzzword “Convergence” whereby both data and voice traffic is routed over a single connection – be it the Internet, T-1 digital lines or Frame Relay connections. Also, SIA can combine VoIP phone solutions with the server-based products from Microsoft and Citrix to enable the “Virtual Office/Workplace”.

Telecommuters and branch offices can now connect to the company computer network and to the company phone switch from a branch office or from home and work as if they were sitting at their desks. IP enabled phones remotely deliver all the standard PBX features that in-office staffers have come to expect. i.e. call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling, etc.

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