VMWare Solutions

VMWare Virtualization software simplifies computing infrastructure by partitioning and isolating servers in secure and transportable virtual machines, each of which can run standard Windows, Linux, or Netware opearting systems and applications. To ensure high performance, each vitual machine has direct access to the host machine’s resources such as CPU, memory, disk, networking and peripherals.

VMWare Technology
Thousands of enterprise customers rely on VMWare Virtualization software to deliver server scalability, reliability, and high availability to maximize return on IT investments. VMWare virtualization software is used across the enterprise to:

  • Streamline software development and testing operations with easily provisioned and managed server-based virtual machines.
  • Implement server consolidation for new and legacy departmental server implications.
  • Provision servers rapidly to local or remote locations.
  • Streamline OS and application patch management.

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